logo is a gaming portal that provides free online games based on prediction. The portal contains games on several genres. On predicting correct answers, players can receive cash prizes as well as many other gift vouchers and discount vouchers. If you are good at foreseeing and would like to try out your prediction skill, is the only online gaming site with a perfect blend of entertainment and prizes. helps creating a connection between the consumers and the brands in the most interesting way. Consumers can play free games online and win daily prizes. The online games are based on prediction, where consumers can win cash prizes and various coupons. To enhance the loyalty with the consumers, the latter will even receive reward points each time they predict and give correct answers. Often times,  you sit back home and predict who the winner of your favorite cricket match will be. But what if these predictions make you a Lakhpati?, a free prediction game portal is here to make your dreams a reality. You can predict the winner of a cricket tournament and win a huge cash prize from the game sponsors. is the first ever online gaming site that provides the users with exciting gaming experience and offers them the thrill of winning prizes,  and all that come without spending a penny! The prediction games, available in this website are picked up from the world of sports, entertainment, TV Reality shows, stock market predictions, weather and a number of other interesting fields. This is a free online gaming website that lets the consumers have fun and get rewarded. The fun of predicting the future and winning rewards from some of the top notch brands is indeed an exhilarating experience!

Thus promotes a unique friendship with brands and consumers. The trend at present is to look beyond the conventional media and continuously explore new and innovative media for brand promotion. The latest buzz is e-media or online media since a large part of today’s population is glued to the internet for recreation. Therefore online media becomes the most suitable platform for brand promotion and loyalty building. opens up a fun-filled online platform for branding, brand-building and brand promotion.
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